Master Franchise Opportunities

Develop a network The Pop Languages Master Franchise

We are looking for a number of Master Franchises who will be responsible for Pop Languages within their own country.

Form to apply for a Master Franchise

Master Franchisees will be responsible for:

    • Marketing the unit franchise opportunity within their country
    • Recruiting unit franchisees
    • Training unit franchisees with the support of Pop Languages Head Office
    • Helping unit franchisees set-up their business
    • Delivering and implementing the set-up package for unit franchisees
    • Supporting their unit franchisees on a day to day basis
    • Monitoring the performance of their unit franchisees
    • Ensuring their unit franchisees fully comply with the Pop Languages Operations Manual
    • Implementing national marketing on behalf of their franchisees
    • Liaising with the Pop Languages Head Office regarding any changes and improvements to the Pop Language service necessary in their country
    • Providing regular reports on the performance of their franchisee network
    • Managing local content on the Pop Languages website.

    We would expect Master Franchisees to operate a franchise territory in their own country. This ensures that they understand the day to day issues facing franchisees and keep in touch with their market place.

    Master Franchisees will need prior experience running a business, managing a team and sales and marketing

    Next Steps

    If you are interested in discussing the opportunity to run a Pop Languages Master Franchise in your own country please complete the Master Franchise Application Form below

    Form to apply for a Master Franchise